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The Europe Desk is a production of the BMW Center for German and European Studies and is copyright of Georgetown University. 

Feb 27, 2024

We sat down with Dr. Endre Szentkiralyi, president of the United Hungarian Societies and author, to discuss the role of diaspora communities in shaping the culture and society of the United States, as well as identity and assimilation in these communities. His works include the following: Being Hungarian in Cleveland: Maintaining Language, Culture, and Traditions; Cold War to Warm Cooperation: The Military Service of Cleveland Hungarians; and an oral history project, Do Hungarians Still Live in Cleveland? Collection of Memories.

The Europe Desk is a podcast from the BMW Center for German and European Studies at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. It brings together leading experts working on the most pertinent issues facing Europe and transatlantic relations today.


Music: Sam Kyzviat and Breakmaster Cylinder

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Communications: Sophie al Mutawaly