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The Europe Desk is a production of the BMW Center for German and European Studies and is copyright of Georgetown University. 

Feb 20, 2024

 As discussions on the future of the transatlantic relationship on Earth run hot, the Europe Desk has its head in - or rather above - the clouds: We sat down with Prof. Dr. Hoffman, former NASA astronaut, and current MIT professor, to discuss differing European and US priorities regarding space, the potential for enhanced transatlantic collaboration, and how sustainability is crucial - both in space and on earth.   

The Europe Desk is a podcast from the BMW Center for German and European Studies at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. It brings together leading experts working on the most pertinent issues facing Europe and transatlantic relations today. 


Music: Sam Kyzviat and Breakmaster Cylinder

Design: Sarah Diebboll

Leadership: Hailey Ordal, Josephine Sylvestre 

Production: Siv Röhrl, Sophia Winograd and Charlotte Davis

Communication: Sophie al Mutawaly